Some names in the families are similar. Five of Andrew and Elsa’s nine children were named: Anna, Frank, Charles, Oscar and John. Moberg used these names in Kristina’s and Karl Oskar’s family. Both Andrew and Karl Oskar had a next door neighbor to the west of the farm who was called Swenson. Both of them were close to – and worked together with a German neighbour called Fischer.

Other examples of friends’ and neigbors’ names in the novels that are consistent with people’s names in Andrew’s diary are: Danjel, Missis Månsson, Jonas Petter.

Andrew’s spells his sister’s (she lived on the neighbouring farm in Carver County) name “Chrestina” (she was christened ‘Kristina’) which is identical to how Karl Oskar pronounces his wifes’ name (Kristina).

Ulrika is married to the Baptist priest.

Animals’ names are similar: like the heifer ”Fröken” and the cows ”Betty” and ”Lady”

When Andrew and Karl Oskar grow too old to do heavy work, two sons take over the running of the farm, both in the novels and in real life. In Andrew’s case it was John and Frank, in the novels, it’s John and Dan.

You can look for more affinities in our pamphlet: ”Andrew Peterson, the model for Karl Oskar – 100 similarities”.

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