Andrew Peteron’s diaries and bookkeeping can be found at the Minnesota Historical Society Library. They are often compared to Vilhelm Moberg’s emigrant novels – and they were used by Moberg as his main source of information when he did the research for his novels. The diaries and Andrew’s book of accounts have been meticulously transcribed by 7 members of the Andrew Peterson Society.

The correspondence between Andrew P. and his brother Johannes Rydell – and the correspondence between Andrew Peterson and the descendants of Johannes Rydell.

Andrew’s exit permit from Västra Ryd 1850, Andrew’s last Swedish tax bill from 1850, the title deed to the farm in Minnesota and Andrew’s Letter of Exemption (exemption from military service in the Civil War).

Professor Roger McKnight’s Thesis: “Moberg’s Emigrantnovels and the Journals of Andrew Peterson”.

Josephine Mihelich’s book ”Andrew Peterson and the Scandia story”.

Vilhelm Moberg’s novel ”The Unknown Swedes”.

Nils William Olsson’s and Erik Wikén’s book ”Swedish Passenger Arrivals in the United States 1820-1850”.

Minnesota State Horticultural Yearbooks: 1880-1892 and 1898

The Bill Diehl articles from the St Paul Pioneer Press, 30/9 and 7/10 1973.

Professor Carleton C. Qualey’s article ”Diary of a Swedish Immigrant Horticulturist”.

V. Moberg’s articles in “The Swedish Pioneer” and Svenska Dagbladet 22/5, 1960.

Minnesota Historical Library: Copy of F.O. Nilsson’s diary.

Olov Matsson’s CD about Ydre families; 17th century- 20th century.

Lena Kindstedts genealogical findings about Elsa and Andrew Peterson.

Waconia Heritage Association’s book ”Waconia paradise of the Northwest – The Lake and Its Island”

Moberg’s own notes and photographs from the Swedish Emigrant Institute.

Local knowledge about Carver County, provided by the Friends of the Historic Andrew Peterson’s Farmstead in Waconia and “Carver County Historical Society”.

Local knowledge about Västra Ryds hundred, provided by “The Andrew Peterson Society” and ”Västra Ryds Hembygsförening”.

Tord Ericsson’s book ”Mark Människor och Möten”.

Article from ”The Weekly New” Denver, Colorado – Wednesday the 16th of January, 1878

The Audio Book ”Samuel August from Sevedstorp and Hanna in Hult” with a chapter about Andrew Peterson, narrated by Astrid Lindgren.